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Yashwant Sinha: Despatched again to Delhi from Kashmir airport after sitting on wheel chair – jj

Yashwant Sinha: Despatched again to Delhi from Kashmir airport after sitting on wheel chair


Yashwant Sinha

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The Indian government is constantly claiming that everything is normal in India-administered Kashmir.

But on Tuesday, when former Union Minister of India Yashwant Sinha made a program to go to Kashmir and meet some people, he was sent back to Delhi from Kashmir airport itself.

On returning to Delhi, BBC correspondent Sandeep Rai spoke to Yashwant Sinha. In the conversation, Yashwant Sinha gave the details of the events with him. Yashwant Sinha Words of Read in their experience.

In the year 2016, we formed a group of concerned citizens to restore peace in Jammu and Kashmir.

We have gone five to six times, so far no one has stopped us.

This time too, we decided that the Government of India is claiming that everything is normal there, then 44 days have passed, we should see it later.

We made a 36-hour program that we would go today and meet some friends and return by tomorrow evening.

Wajahat Habibullah had gone earlier. After this, we four people, Suseva Bharve, Bharat Bhushan, Air Vice Marshal (Retd) Kapil Kak and I, reached Srinagar by flight at about quarter past three.

There we met the Deputy Commissioner, Budgam. He said that the rest of the people are allowed to go to Kashmir but you should return.

We asked him under which law, then he disappeared for two and a half hours. After that he came and said under section 144. Said that because of me there is a danger for peace in the city.

Then I said that you have not said in your written order that if I go to Delhi, I will stay at the airport. Then he said that the airport will be closed, this-that. The debate continued.

After two-three hours after this, the SP of there came with written orders that you have to go to Delhi. I said that your order is not correct even from the standpoint of morality, law, so I will not accept it, take action against me according to your law.

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Then he said let's take you out. I said where, then they said if you sit in the car, then you will know.

I was on a wheel chair if my knee hurt. He started sitting on a wheel chair. There was an exit and a boarding gate on the other side. From there they turned him towards the boarding gate. The last flight was scheduled to leave at 5.45. I stood up and tried to protest, so five people pressed me and placed me on the wheel chair and said that you have to follow our order, there is an aircraft there and will take it there.

Took me till there. When the lift was not working, he stood in the escalator. Then forcibly put us in the plane. After this I moved to Delhi.

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I told the Kashmiri officials that everything is fine, everyone is happy here. You guys said in the Supreme Court that if everyone is happy then let me meet the people. Why are you stopping? We will take this discussion among the people further that the government's claim is false.

When I landed at the Kashmir airport, there was the office of the Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Department, whose snake was rolling on its chest. When asked if anyone comes, people told that no one comes. There were many tourism and taxi offices, all were closed.

When reached there, the mobile phone was also not working. He claimed that the landline is working in one place or two and there was no talk. Internet is not working, mobile phone is not working, landline is also closed.

Actually, the decision of the Central Government is a forced step. Nobody likes it in Kashmir including the valley. The people have become even more distant from the government's footsteps.

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