100% Secure – eighth Season – 09/26/2014

100% SEGURO was with Cr. Pedro Mirante, Vice President and General Manager of Mercantil Andean, who provided his vision on the current state of the insurance market, the impact of inflation and the closing of new businesses. He also referred to the closing of the company's annual balance sheet and the growth prospects for the current year, how is the strategy regarding “sales, cash and stock of judgments”, in particular, the tariff policy and the closing of judgments for Improve technical results. In addition, it details the performance and actions in its most important branches, in particular, cars, agriculture and security, without forgetting the role of reinsurance in the insurance business. The strengthening of its presence in the interior of the country and the situation of IMPSA were other topics analyzed by Mirante.

In addition, together with Sofía Salas, General Director of DDN Central de Seguros, a resonant topical issue was analyzed in recent days: the plane crash in Nordelta and the implications of insurance in this type of claims. It explains in this regard, the scope of coverage of the Family Combined, the domestic staff in case of an accident at home, and the role of the PAS in this type of accident. In addition, how to work to minimize underinsurance in this type of coverage and the actuality in terms of sales of this type of insurance, in a context of insecurity and recession.


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