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302 once more in Tabarez Ansari mob lynching case – jj

302 once more in Tabarez Ansari mob lynching case


Wife of Tabrez Ansari, Shaista Parveen

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Ravi Prakash / BBC

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Wife of Tabrez Ansari, Shaista Parveen

The Jharkhand Police has again appealed against the accused in the famous Tabarez Ansari mob lynching case under Dafa-302.

By filing a supplementary charge sheet in the district court of Seraikela Kharsanwa, the police has said that they have now got evidence to prosecute them for culpable homicide under the IPC-302 against the accused.

Jharkhand's Additional Director General of Police (ADG) and spokesperson Murali Lal Meena confirmed this in a conversation with the BBC.

He informed that a detailed press release has been issued in this regard. It mentions all those things, due to which 302 has been imposed again. He said that all the 13 accused in the case will now face judicial process on charges of willful murder.

What is the release?

The press release issued by the Jharkhand Police stated, "In the post-mortem report received by the police at the time of the earlier dedicated charge sheet, the cause of death was reserved for viscera investigation. Tabrez Ansari's death by doctors on receipt of viscera inquiry report from FSL Karan was told to stop heart rate. But the reason for this was not clear.

"The police had sought clear reasons for the death from the board of senior doctors of MGM Medical College for justice and successful prosecution of the case. We received additional evidence after a report from the specialized doctors there. On this basis, a supplementary charge sheet was filed. We have requested action against all the accused under section 302. Research of this case was also going on. "

"Integrity investigation report of viral video of this incident has been received by the police. No tampering has been found in the integrity of the video seized by the police."

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Ravi Prakash / BBC

The release also reads, "The arrests of the accused in this case were made within 72 hours. Special attention has been paid to scientific research and technical evidence collection for good research."

Medical Report

In their report submitted to the police, expert doctors have said that Tabrez Ansari's cardiac arrest is due to broken bones, loss of limbs and blood in the heart chamber. This has happened due to beating them badly.

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Tabrez Ansari

Suicide threat

It is worth mentioning that Tabrez Ansari's wife Shaista Parveen had said two days ago after meeting Saraikela Kharsanwa's DC and SP that if the accused of killing her husband was not again tried against the accused-302, they would go on hunger strike. Will go and this strike will continue till his life.

Earlier, hundreds of social activists shouted slogans against the Jharkhand Police and the government in a demonstration in front of Jharkhand Bhavan in Delhi.

He alleged that in order to save the accused of mob lynching of Tabrez Ansari, the police have charged him with culpable homicide (Dafa-304) instead of willful murder (Dafa-302). This will affect justice. Parvez Ansari's family had said the same thing.

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Ravi Prakash / BBC

Expect justice

Tabrez Ansari's wife Shaista Parveen now hopes for justice.

He told the BBC, "I have come to know that the police has again put 302 against my husband's killers. I am thankful to him for this."

He said, "My trust with the police was broken because they had filed a charge sheet of 304 against the murderers. Now there is hope for justice again. Now it seems that the spirit of me and my husband will get justice." "

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