4% cheaper new automobiles in 2014: AMDA

In an interview with Financiero Bloomberg, Guillermo Rosales, executive director of the Mexican Association of Automotive Distributors (AMDA), highlighted that the behavior shown by the automotive sector in Mexico throughout the second half of 2014.
According to data on the sale of cars of the last 10 years, in November 2014 there is an increase of 11.2 percent in the market with 111 thousand 645 units sold, also said that if sales are maintained in the way shown, the goals that had been proposed at the beginning of the year in the sector can be met, which would maintain a growth level of 7 percent.
However, the manager explained that the results shown at the moment are due to a number of factors that include: that the prices of vehicles, today, are in real terms 4% cheaper than last year, He also added that since the last six years, the increase in the price of cars is 50% of those advancing to inflation and finally an aggressive plan to promote auto financing.


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