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Andrew Scheer on homosexual 'marriage' and abortion – jj

Andrew Scheer on homosexual 'marriage' and abortion

Andrew Scheer interview with CBC September 28, 2016.


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  1. There are tons of things that I personally oppose that I would not vote against because I don't think all of society needs to share my views 100%, I see a lot of that sentiment in andrews answers to these sorts of questions and I think its perfectly reasonable.

  2. Leviticus 18:22. It isn't bigotry to put God first. Keep thinking a big bang came out of nowhere and created everything so perfectly, that life exist. Satan always said he would have a 1000 years over earth and we are now living through it.

  3. I will never understand how anyone can believe they are so superior that they can suppress the the rights of an entire group of law abiding people. Trudeau will win again. He’s not perfect but he’s for all Canadians.

  4. In desperation, the Liberals have dug up a speech that he gave on the subject of same-sex marriage fourteen year’s ago. Although not one of his more eloquent speeches, he did affirm his support for “traditional marriage.” In a politically polarized country like Canada, Mr. Scheer is trying to maintain unity within the Conservative Party, and present to Canadians a platform of proposals that can they can embrace. With the Liberals fixation on identity politics and division, Andrew Scheer is trying to bring unity to the country.

  5. Until he states directly to the Canadian people that he supports same-sex marriage, his prior words will stand. Canada overwhelmingly supports same-sex marriage. He won't do so because it will turn off a portion of his religious voter base. Other politicians have changed their positions on this issue and demonstrably so. Scheer has not, and he's a party leader vying for the top job representing all Canadians. He's a dud and completely unfit for even an MP position these days.

  6. Smarmy politics. He is tolerating it. So me with a vote will not support something that sounds so divided…he Doesn’t want it open because it will not garner votes. Doug Ford lied. Harper lies. So Scheer is lying.

  7. The problem with discussing whether or not it would stand up to a constitutional challenge is that if he gets elected they would have enough conservatives in the office to make a constitutional challenge and win. So these are relevant questions to ask.

  8. As a Canadian I agree with Scheer completely. He's made it clear he is pro-life and against gay marriage. These are his personal views. Once Canadians have reached a consensus on these issues, who is he to force his views on other Canadians? Canada can not remain a country for long if we are intolerant or inflexible towards other's views.

  9. I really hate that man! As a Canadian sir, I will never vote for you! You will back slide on abortion like a coward. Great interview, good questions.

    He can’t even answer a real question with a real answer…just more word salad

  10. The Canadian government and politic become very, very disgusting, dictatorial and tyrannic. In theory, no difference anymore between nazi Germany, Stalin's communism. Because here, if you do not believe, support and agree with the homosexual revolution agenda you will be punished, kicked out, criminalized and ridiculed. The whole Canada living out the tail of The Emperor's New Clothes.

  11. It's one thing to have a faith background – but it's another thing to believe that it's okay for your faith to impact the rights of others, regardless of their beliefs. Only your faith matters, no one elses. Believe whatever the hell you want, but the moment it started negatively affecting others it's crossing a line.

  12. 25 years ago he voted against it. THEY ARE CONSERVATIVES!!!! Look up what that means! He has the right to disagree, but as a politician and leader of our government opposition be careful who you vote for. Look at what Trump is doing right now in the USA! Look at what the Doug Ford of the Conservatives is doing right now in Ontario. Vote for who you please, but don’t cry when they get in and change things for the worse.

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