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Disneyland Minecraft Xbox One Server; NOW OPEN!! – jj

Disneyland Minecraft Xbox One Server; NOW OPEN!!

Welcome to the first full Disneyland Resort Minecraft server on Xbox One! This Server is now welcoming all guests to join and build in our game! All you have to …



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  1. disneybrother im going to friend you can i make a youtube channel cald disneybrothers 2 and when i friend you can i work on changing the seasons so when its halloween ill change the park what it would look like in halloween

  2. Hey guys it's me FWS Cody! I am excited to see your newest video soon! Also FWS Opening Day we had 100+ Guests that day. Check my showcase, I have a screenshot of a few Guests on top the Eiffle Tower. Hope to see you at the park soon! I am waiting for a new video from you! 🙂

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