'Golden Lady' desires to marry PV Sindhu. 70-year-old desires to marry PV Sindhu, information petition, says will kidnap her in any other case


  PV wants to marry Sindhu 70 years old

PV wants to marry Sindhu 70 years old

The most serious thing is that the girl whom these men are talking about is not a common girl but the Golden Girl of India PV Sindhu, the name of this elder is Malayasamy, who reached the Collectorate office with his petition, Malayasamy An application has been submitted with Badminton gold medal winner PV Sindhu and a photo of herself.

Otherwise PV will kidnap Sindhu

It said in the application that his interest is to marry PV Sindhu, if the Collectorate office does not make necessary arrangements for this, he will kidnap PV Sindhu.

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Malayasamy is greatly influenced by Sindhu's game

Malayasamy is greatly influenced by Sindhu's game

Malayasamy also said that she has been fascinated by Sindhu since she was just 16 years old, the elder said that he is very impressed with Sindhu's career and now he wants to make her his life partner. It is known that Malayasamy has stated his date of birth on 04 April 2004 in his application.

Malayasamy hails from Ramanathapuram district

Let me tell you that Malayasamy is a resident of Ramanathapuram district of Tamil Nadu, seeing his application, all the people present there including the District Magistrate and the officials were completely surprised.

PV Sindhu is the world champion

PV Sindhu is the world champion

Significantly, PV Sindhu is the top Indian badminton player, recently Sindhu became world champion after defeating Naomi Okuhara of Japan, she is the first Indian female badminton player to do so, she is called Golden Girl, Sindhu's name is Olympic. Also holds a silver medal.

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