Well being information, all information about menstruation cycle intervals in females | Right here ladies ought to know all of the essential details about intervals, hold these factors in thoughts


New Delhi (Riya Malik): Today's women are earning a name in the whole country. In every field, women are surpassing men. From politics, army, sports sector to films, women are dominated. A woman mother, daughter, a wife as well as daughter-in-law are handling the responsibility well. But on the one hand, while society respects the bravery of women, the same society is pushing women back for some reason or the other.

One of these is naturally occurring periods in women. Today, women have got complete freedom in other areas including jobs, but due to some social evils, they are still in restriction somewhere. Periods are considered ailment in many places, and elsewhere, it is promoted by treating it as untouchability. Let us tell you today that periods are a disease or just tabu …

What is the problem of periods?
Periods are also called Menstruation Cycle / Menstruation. This problem occurs regularly every month from girls of 12 years of age to women of 40-45 years of age. This is a natural process. During this time, the woman also has to face many problems. When the girl enters adolescence from her childhood, then hormones are produced in the body, which keep the body healthy. Every month, these hormones prepare the body for conception.

Such are the symptoms
Women have to face this situation every month. Some women have more problems and some less. Some symptoms start appearing in women a few days before the period. Like mood swings. These symptoms are seen in almost every woman.


Some women suffer from abdominal pain, back pain, pimples on the face, less or more hunger, fatigue. All these symptoms start occurring a few days before, but after the period is over, they go away on their own and the woman starts feeling healthy.

Women should take care like this
If women do not take precautions during periods, it can also take the form of a serious disease. During this time, the woman should take full care of her cleanliness or hygiene. Many campaigns are also run by the government on this. Advertisements and campaigns are also run by different institutions and the government to make women aware. The film world also makes films on issues related to problems related to women.

Women should use sanitary napkins during periods. Apart from this, they can also use a clean cotton cloth. Also, if you are a health freak, then the first two days of periods can keep distance from exercise. You can consume coffee. Some women have stomach ache, then during that time, instead of a pen killer, you can grow with hot water.

Explain to girls by giving information
Inform girls about the age of 10-11 years. Explain to them that in the coming age, they should not be afraid or nervous. Rather, they should face it wisely. Nowadays, education programs are also run in school. Apart from school, educate girls at home also so that how they stay clean during this period and stay away from infection.

Periods disease or taboo!
While on one hand women are moving forward, on the other hand women are also stuffed in chains of restrictions. In many places, periods are considered a very big disease and taboo in many places. According to old practices, women are not allowed in the kitchen during periods. According to the Kurtis, the entry of women into a place of worship or a temple is considered a sin. Periods are not a disease. This is just the orthodox thinking of the people and some people are sitting on the flame of illiteracy.

Women need support these days
People are supporting women in every field these days. Similarly, women should also be supported during periods. Just as other evils in society have been eradicated. Similarly, there is a need to break the door of this superstition.

This is evident in the recent decision of the Supreme Court to give entry of women of all ages to the Sabarimala temple in Kerala. In fact, the entry of women was prohibited in Kerala's Sabarimala temple due to malpractices related to periods. Now society should understand that periods are not any disease or untouchability, but superstition, which is sitting in the thinking of society.

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