Hindi language controversy: Stalin ends the motion after Amit Shah's assertion. DMK President MK Stalin stated protest in opposition to imposition of Hindi has been postponed



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Published: Wednesday, September 18, 2019, 20:15 (IST)

new Delhi. After the clarification given by Union Home Minister Amit Shah regarding the Hindi language, DMK President MK Stalin said that our statewide protest has been postponed. Although the DMK has made it clear that their opposition to Hindi will continue but the protest has been postponed. Actually, Home Minister Amit Shah has said that he is not in favor of imposing any language.

DMK President MK Stalin said protest against imposition of Hindi has been postponed

Actually, this controversy over language started after Amit Shah's speech and tweet on the occasion of Hindi Day (14 September). On Hindi Day, Shah said that today if any one language can do the work of tying the country to the door of unity, then it is the most spoken Hindi language. However, Shah also said that India is a country of different languages ​​and each language has its own importance. The Shah's tweet sparked debate in southern states, West Bengal and other non-Hindi speaking states.

This was strongly opposed by South India after Shah's tweet. These leaders said that Shah should not try to impose Hindi in their states. When the DMK announced the protests, actor-turned-politician Kamal Haasan said no Shah, Sultan or emperor should break the promise of unity in diversity that was made when India became a republic. West Bengal Chief Minister and Trinamool Chief Mamata Banerjee said that we will not compromise on our mother tongue.

What did Home Minister Amit Shah say?

On Wednesday, Amit Shah said that I never spoke of imposing Hindi on other regional languages. I had spoken about learning Hindi as a second language after my mother tongue. I myself come from Gujarat which is a non-Hindi speaking province. Shah said that it seems that some people have to do politics on this, if this is the case, then the one who has to do politics should keep doing it.

Never said to impose Hindi on other languages: Amit Shah

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