Find out how to Get Rid of Squirrels

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  1. I just went to open My Camp for the Summer and the Attic is infested with Squirrels. I refuse to share My House with Rodents and will do anything to get Rid of them. Let them live in the Tree Huggers Homes if they want them so bad,

  2. I've become a self-proclaimed expert on squirrel control after they did several thousand dollars worth of damage to my equipment (wiring).
    Now, I'm not the bleeding heart type, but I refuse to use poisons. As much as I think squirrels are devil rats that live in trees (and my expensive equipment), I don't like inhumane methods. Plus, anything a squirrel will eat, so will birds. That being said, I won't use poisons.
    I've tried every kind of repellent known to myth and man, and none of them work. Squirrels have lots of time on their hands and are extremely persistent… and they breed like rabbits.
    Catch and release poses multiple issues. One: it is illegal in most places (in the US) to release animals on anyones property but your own. Second, it is a known fact (not a myth) that you need to release a squirrel at least a mile from it's home or it will find it's way back. Lastly, squirrels are highly territorial. Releasing one kindly into the woods is a death sentence through slow starvation. Other squirrels in the area will NOT allow it to co-exist.
    The only practical solutions are to either live with them and their damage or kill them humanely. Personally, I use a pellet rifle. It is illegal where I live, but I am very discreet and extremely picky about what shots I will take for the sake of safety. It also helps that my neighbors know what I am doing and support me, otherwise I would have already been arrested years ago so be warned. It takes a lot of patience waiting for just the right shots, but it's the only way. One could also trap and drown them, but I don't care for that method either. Just be ready for a perpetual war. I only have a 1 acre lot and in the past 10 years, I have killed countless hundreds of squirrels and this is no exaggeration. After you kill off the current inhabitants, new ones will take over within a few days… usually at least one pair.
    One last note: I don't know where the author of this video lives, but I am in Northern Indiana and I have to kill squirrels year-round. They do not hibernate, at least not here. They are even out digging in the snow all winter. I find the hunting easier in the winter because there is no leaf coverage on the trees for them to hide in.

  3. How would YOU like to have an overdose of anticoagulant?  This is a HORRIBLE way to die.  The poor things literally bleed to death from every organ in their tiny little bodies.  Another thing about putting out this sort of POISON, is that other animals, ie  cats, dogs can get to it.  I say leave the squirrels alone, they were put here on earth for a reason and we need to learn to share this planet with them, NOT HURT OR KILL THEM!

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