Revenue tax division points warning in opposition to this faux SMS | Authorities warning to those that file ITR, this error will probably be heavy for refund


new Delhi : The round of filing Income Tax Return (ITR) is going to be around 20 days. If you have already filed ITR, then definitely read this news and also inform your friends and relatives about it. After filing ITR, now tax payers have also started getting refund in their bank account. Those who have not received refund yet, will get refund in the next few days.

Sending Phishing Links in SMS
Meanwhile, some income tax payers are getting messages to claim refund on their mobile number. These messages seem right to the user, but let us tell you, through these messages, the user is being sent phishing links and they are being asked to click on them.

Hackers sending such messages
For example, in the tax message that came to a user, it was written 'Important Alert! Dear xxxxxxxx, the lncometax_Department requires you to click the link below to submit a formal request for the payment of your unclaimed and overdue tax-refund of xx, xxx INR. "

Common user commits mistake
Seeing this message, at first glance many people find it right and they consider it a message sent by the Income Tax Department and make a mistake. If you click on such a link and fill your personal details in it, then you may have to suffer loss in future. A tax payer contacted the Income Tax Department via Twitter for this message. He asked the department is this message valid?

Department gave warning
On this, the user was told by the Income Tax Department that these are fishing messages. The department warned that 'it is your request that you do not click on any such link in which your confidential information is being filled and ITR refund is being asked. Let me tell you, your confidential information is never asked by the Income Tax Department via SMS or phone.

Identify fake SMS like this
The income tax department has told in the information given on the official website that your confidential information such as PIN number, password, etc. are never asked from the department by SMS or email. If you get a message or email for this then you need to be careful.

If you like this SMS then do this
If you get a phishing e-mail or SMS claiming to claim a refund, you should never directly reply to such a message. You need to be alert on such messages and do not open any attachment in your computer or mobile, about which you are not already aware. Also be careful before clicking on any link. It is possible that by clicking on such a link, the confidential information related to your bank account or credit card will reach the person in front.

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