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Insurance coverage and danger administration diploma goes worldwide – jj

Insurance coverage and danger administration diploma goes worldwide


Insurance and risk management degree goes worldwide

“With advances in technology, an evolving risk landscape, and a growing need for new insurance solutions in emerging markets, future insurance graduates will be required to have different skillsets to be able to respond to these challenges.”

Those were the words of Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) chief executive Sian Fisher when it was announced that those who wish to earn the MSc Insurance and Sustainable Risk Management degree from Glasgow Caledonian University (London) won’t need to be based in the British capital or even in the UK.

The full-time course, while taught in London, can now be completed from anywhere on the planet through the wonders of the world wide web. That means graduates can remotely attend lectures and speak to the tutors.

“The insurance and risk management Master’s degree explains the changing risk landscape as well as current social, economic, and political issues, within the context of insurance and risk management,” added Fisher.

Modules delve into areas such as underwriting and claims management, cybersecurity, insurance solutions for risk in emerging markets, as well as enterprise risk analysis and modelling in insurance. Topics also include micro insurance, insurance for climate change, and Takaful (Islamic) insurance.

Sign-up, which is until September 23, is via the Glasgow Caledonian University (London) website. Produced by the university in conjunction with the CII, the course will start in October.

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