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Is Samsung Going to Merge the Galaxy S and Observe Smartphone Lineups? – jj

Is Samsung Going to Merge the Galaxy S and Observe Smartphone Lineups?


Samsung has two major flagship smartphone lineups under its belt – the Galaxy S series and the Note series. The Note series features bigger screen sizes and the S pen whereas the Galaxy S series phones have a smaller form factor. However, reports suggest that Samsung is looking to merge these two lineups in 2020.

The first of the Note series of phones were released in the year 2011 and the first smartphone of the Galaxy S series was released back in 2009. They have been released in tandem since then. The pattern that Samsung follows is that it releases a Galaxy S phone in February or March and then releases the Note variant later in August of the same year. However, there are rumors stating that Samsung is going to merge these two lineups under a single brand – “Galaxy One” and will release the flagship phone in February 2020. They are also rumored to launch a new foldable smartphone in August.

Where did the leak surface?

The leak surfaced on twitter from the handle of Evan Blass who is a reputed source for smartphone and tablet leaks. His leaks have proven to be true quite a few times in the past. His tweet said that he heard from a reputed source that Samsung is in internal talks regarding the merge of its Galaxy S and Note Lineups. This development did not come as a surprise as most of the smartphone manufacturers have been releasing their smaller and bigger form factor phones under a single brand like the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

This also means that the next generation of Galaxy S series of phones will come with the S pen. The stylus may be only available for the larger form factor devices. In the past few years, the gap between the Galaxy S series and the Note Series has been diminishing so this move was anticipated by many. The current line up of Galaxy S10 and Note 10 are similar hardware-wise as they have the same camera setup, same in-display fingerprint scanner, same punch-hole design and more. It doesn’t make sense anymore to keep two different lineups just differentiated by the form factor.

What’s to be expected in the future?

Samsung is most likely going to have two flagship line ups in the future – one with the regular galaxy one line up which will feature both smaller and bigger form factor phones and other will be the foldable smartphone line up. Samsung is also reportedly ready with other iteration of their Galaxy Fold smartphone already. This new foldable smartphone is rumored to have a smaller form factor and a better overall design. The future of Samsung smartphones looks promising, we look forward to more developments from Samsung.

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