Kashmir problem: Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan once more rakes up Nuclear battle | Imran admitted – we are able to lose to India within the conventional battle, however the energy to battle until the tip in Pakistan


  • Pakistan Prime Minister said in an interview – there can be only two things at the time of defeat – surrender or fight till the end
  • Imran had earlier threatened nuclear war with India during an interview.

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Sep 15, 2019, 09:57 PM IST

Islamabad After the removal of Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has once again declared the war with India. However, this time he admitted that Pakistan could be defeated in a conventional war with India. Imran hinted at the possibility of nuclear war between the two countries.

He said that if a country starts losing in a traditional war then it has only two options, either to surrender and or to fight the freedom struggle till the end. Pakistanis fight to the end, so when countries with nuclear power fight, it will have its own consequences.

'War does not solve problems'

In an interview to Qatar's media group Al Jazeera, Imran described himself as a pacifist. He said, "I have always been against the war. I believe that war does not solve any problem. Be it the battle of Vietnam or Iraq. Some other problems have arisen due to the war, which is bigger than the troubles for which the war was fought. ”The Pak Prime Minister said that Pakistan would never start a nuclear war.

'What China is doing with Uygar is not known'

On the question of atrocities on Uygar Muslims in China, Imran Khan said, "I am so busy with the internal problems of Kashmir and Pakistan that they are not aware of what China is doing with Uygar Muslims." They are in China, let them face it.

'There is nothing left to talk to India'

Imran has already given a statement on the war with India. In an interview to New York Times, he said that now I will not discuss anything with India, because there is nothing left to talk. Citing tensions over the situation in Kashmir, he said that the threat of war is increasing in both nuclear weapon states. Therefore, the world should pay attention to the situation we are facing.


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