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We separated from a three month marriage on Dec 30, 2011, less than a month before I was shot and the ex-wife took my life insurance books at this time without my knowledge.

I found out they were gone when she brought them back a couple of weeks before the murder attempt along with filled out divorce papers.I filed for divorce five days before the murder attempt but it wasn’t final so she was still the primary beneficiary.

Some people have suggested that she brought them back so she wouldn’t have possession of them when I happened to die by accident.

These books showed that if her lifelong friend, MPD Detective Rosie Rodriguez, would rule my murder an accident, then she would get around $650,000 dollars in cash and assets instead of getting nothing from a short marriage ending under allegations that she was working with a prostitution ring.

I paid for a AD&D policy which was an “Accidental Death & Dismemberment” benefit that would add two years pay and $250,000 if I happened to die by accident before the divorce was final.

The big prize was my paid for home which people have said had tunnels under it and is near a million dollar underground facility that’s suspected of hosting prostitution and pedophile parties.

My phone lines were cut before I was ambushed and shot from point blank range by somebody under my home. I crawled out on my hands and knees to save my life. This failed murder was ruled an accident and the case was closed by her friend that she went to elementary school with.

Two months after the murder attempt on March 26, 2012 we went to divorce court and it was made final. When I got home from court that day, I got a call on my company cellphone number 432-209-6494 from her asking if I had called the insurance company and switched over the beneficiaries yet but I had called them as soon as I left. The phone records will show this call.

Some people have suggested their would be a last minute “hail Mary” and I would’ve had an accident and died that day if I hadn’t called them.

I was telling my brother’s wife, Mitzie Webb, about these insurance books on a phone call and she told me that she saw my books while they were gone from my home in that three week period. I don’t know how, when or where but I’m sure of her saying this.

Eight months after the murder attempt, I was contacted by Arthur Welch who told me that he was dating the ex-wife during this time. He asked me if I thought she had something to do with the shooting and I told him that I thought she was out of town at the time but she knew who did it. He then tells me that he thought she had a lot to do with it from the things she said and that she threatened to have him killed too.

My attorneys submitted a copy of this conversation into evidence at the protective order hearing in Dec 2013. She did confirm under testimony that Arthur was her ex-boyfriend.

I just recently saw on the police report from the night of the murder attempt, which had been withheld from me for seven years, that MPD Officer Matt Davis tried to call my ex-wife two times an hour after I was seen crawling out.

Matt Davis was the MPD Officer that mysteriously quit the police force on the same month as the protective order hearing after only 12 years.

The report showed that he was at my home at 11:03 PM but he wasn’t seen on camera. Woodward and Naylor were seen arriving at 11:01 PM but they were the only ones. This told me that he was UNDER MY HOME and I was ambushed and shot by somebody UNDER MY HOME!

A former resident, Ricky Ranaldo told me that him and his brother used to go in the tunnels UNDER MY HOME when they lived here.



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  1. You have unearthed a mountain of detailed and fact based evidence in this case. You're doing the work of an investigator. Hopefully eventually you can hand over all these documented facts to the right authorities and you will finally get justice!

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