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Right of return after 14 days or 1,000 km

The customer has the written right to change his vehicle for another of equal value or higher for 1,000 km or 14 days.

Likewise, you may request a refund of the amount paid for the vehicle, according to the particular conditions of Torregrosa Cars. It should only cover the costs derived from the transfer of the vehicle, as well as the km, financed expenses, and possible damages of the vehicle. The Concessionaire has the right to repair the vehicle before proceeding to some of the aforementioned return formulas.

Peugeot Assistance with European coverage 24h.

For greater peace of mind when traveling, and for the duration of the warranty, we offer free roadside assistance.
 Repair "in situ" or towed to the nearest Peugeot Service point
 Transfer of the driver and occupants to origin or destination
 Accommodation
 Replacement vehicle

The backing of a Great Brand: Peugeot

With the Occasions of the Lion, the backing of a great brand like Peugeot is guaranteed for everything you need in the future. You will find at your disposal a wide network of service points and professionals that will offer you the best attention.

Peugeot guarantee up to 36 months

To ensure an excellent purchase, all our used vehicles have a 24 month warranty that can be extended up to 36 months, offering maximum protection, peace of mind and security. Applicable in Spain and the rest of Europe where the Peugeot Network has Assistance Services.

If your vehicle is damaged less than 100 km from your usual address, and the breakdown is covered by the warranty, Peugeot Assistance will provide you with a rental replacement vehicle of similar category to the damaged one, In Torregrosa Cars we will inform you of the Features of this service.

The costs of fuel, tolls, parking, possible complements or insurance franchises, as well as everything that exceeds the cost of the benefit the sum of € 450, taxes included, will be borne by the beneficiary.

First free review at 2,500 km

As a customer of Ocasiones del León, you have the right to make a free review before the 2,500 km traveled, at the Dealer where you purchased your vehicle. Checking the levels of engine oil, battery, brake fluid, cooling and power steering, in addition to controlling the proper functioning of the lighting, condition and pressure of the tires, tightness of the hydraulic circuits, as well as the cooling system and corresponding adjustments.

Vehicle Status Certification

Our vehicles are rigorously reviewed in Automobiles Torregosa, following the methods of preparation and delivery of Ocasiones del León, and the processes collected in its quality system, issuing a certificate of the state of the vehicle.
Each vehicle of Ocasiones del León is thoroughly checked and reconditioned following exhaustive controls before being certified.

150 point review

These 150 vital points of the vehicle include:
 Body
 Engine, transmission and exhaust line
 Interior and equipment
 Electrical system
 Wheels and braking system



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