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Loud explosion and gunfire heard in Somali capital Mogadishu – jj

Loud explosion and gunfire heard in Somali capital Mogadishu

A loud explosion was heard in Somalia’s capital Mogadishu on Monday morning, followed by heavy gunfire. “The blast takes place at the first checkpoint on the …



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  1. Al Shabaab didnt do this bombing. It was the power hunger somalo politicians. I have crucial intelligence information about al Shabaab. I have been studying this terrorist organization for years. They vanished in 2009 after the ethiopians withdrew from Somalia and members of the Islamic courts union signed a peace pact with the TFG Government they were previously fighting. Al Shabaab are now the Somali politicians who conduct the bombing to ensure they maintain their power, illegitimate business and illegal wealth they have amassed during the long civil war. More bombings in Somalia means more funding for the Somali politicians(aka warlords) from the international community in which they will use money and weapons to hold on to their power. Any target that poses a threat to the Somali politicians power means they send a person to bomb that place.

    Remember the Somali warlords who have caused misery, destruction and chaos after overthrowing the Somali central government in 1991. These key warlords are now high ranking government ministers and they do the bombings. My mom is really worried about me releasing this documentary for my safety. Exposing al Shabaab will put my life at risk but I will be done soon. Stay tuned guys. I will expose these politicians.

  2. I would like to draw a contrast. There was a time in American history where car bombs and mass killings were from mobs, and gangsters. Now it is exclusive to Muslims. And Muslims are not a race of people anymore than Christians are a race of people. Islam is cancer and it's killing the whole world.

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