Lunch Break Shenanigans/Goal Reward Card/Insurance coverage Financial savings/Ibotta/Extras Lol

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Hey Hey Hey !!
Welcome to my channel where we will spend & save together doing many deals. I will share my deals, extra coupons or any coupons I don’t need, please feel free to ask any questions or share your input. Positive Channel With Love, Laughter & Good Vibes😘 Lets Get It!!

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  1. Not a meeting in the bathroom🤦🏽‍♀️🤣😂. My target is 45 minutes away. Might have to make it work. Not sure if you know but at wags the 10 count of cottonelle flushable wipes works. I think mine were $1.29 and ibotta will give you $.50.

  2. Hahaha!!! U are too cute!!! Ppl be doing too much! Do u ppl! Don't worry bout me & my car!!! Man! Smh!!! Yes, u driving but your phone is on the pedestal so, u are hands free. Duh, ppl. 🤦‍♀️ Lord have mercy!!! Lol. We love you, girl!!! You do wonderful!!!😘💜🥰

  3. Aats rite. #Positivity
    Good lil #ShenaniganSavings
    Much love chic. I did my bulk Dog.. N got 2 last chance Vaseline pump lotion last nite.. N a Jergens natural glow face moisturiser bomb deal …
    Paid less than 3$ oop.. Last chance deals get me everytime… Lol keepin it real n save is all that matters.. Keep doin watcha doin.. I gotta hit wally world n get mine cause theres no Target here.. But , if i can drive that 32 miles.. Im gettin in on cartwheel.. Thanks for sharing .. Great lil job perk too.. N card on top.. Get that in.. 🎶🎤✂💣❗❇❗😘

  4. Really someone come at you really in a comment negative wow they really need to be blocked it's all positive and love. You are amazing all that you do don't let that get you down pray for that person, keep a smile on your face and look to the skies you did amazing at target I need to go do that deal and get those rebates for ibbotta that pumpkin spice something else on ibbotta 🤣🤣🤣 we have to get those rebates.😃❤😘 all but positive all the time with mei love you hunty

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