NUCA in Problem 1: Selling the Proper to Secure and Inclusive Sport

It was held on Tuesday, 08/27/2019 in the Municipality of Junqueiro, the Day of Safe and Inclusive Sport, with the objective of promoting sport accessibility for all social entities (with and without disabilities), with the support of Municipal Management – Evolution for All, the Intersectoral Commission (Education, Health, Social Assistance, Culture, Sport, CMDCA, NUCA, among others) and the Junqueirense Community, special thanks to the UNICEF Seal Coordinator – Eva Palmeira, to the Municipal Education Coordinator Physics – Willderson Gonzaga and the Coordinator of Special and Inclusive Education – Salvanir Ferreira. The Challenge was headed by the teenagers of the NUCA.

Each moment of the Challenge was marked by great excitement, with four inclusive sports (Goalball, Connected Football, Adapted Bocce and Seated Volleyball). The day promoted the meeting of people with and without physical (and intellectual disabilities) working together in each modality, emphasizing the importance of partnership and teamwork (Synergy). The Physical Education Coordination of the city of Campo Alegre, through young people who make up the Sport team at School, brightened the event even more. The Challenge / Action supported by UNICEF guarantees to all individuals the right to sport and leisure, but especially the right to citizenship.

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