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Private Pension Plan- Enterprise proprietor/Included medical professionals/Attorneys – jj

Private Pension Plan- Enterprise proprietor/Included medical professionals/Attorneys

This unique plan was designed to provide this clientele with a superior way of building up a more secure and larger nest-egg utilizing the rules already in place for public sector employees and unionized workers. Our plan Partner INTEGRIS is more than the entity responsible for ensuring that your pension plan complies with all legal requirements. As a fiduciary, it must act with its clients’ best interests in mind. It must seek opportunities to control and reduce costs. There is a smarter way to save, and we welcome you to consider protecting your future while minimizing your risks.

INTEGRIS Pension Management Corp. provides administrative services to eligible sponsors of registered pension plans established under section 147.1 of the Income Tax Act (Canada) and regulated by applicable pension regulatory authorities under provincial pension benefits standards legislation.

Life Care Insurance certified advisor will invest the funds of its clients and is committed to provide sound investment advice.

The INTEGRIS pension plan can be established in any province of Canada and in the Northwest Territories, Yukon and Nunavut



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