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Pool Opening 2016 – Eradicating The Cowl – jj

Pool Opening 2016 – Eradicating The Cowl

Originally recorded May 9, 2016.

It has finally reached the time to open the pool for the season. The first step is to remove the cover. I have 2 covers. The blue one is simply a large tarp. On top of the tarps are two leaf nets, which do a great job keeping leaves out of the pool.

The tarp I use is a number of years old now, so it has a number of holes in it. This allows water on top of the tarp, which makes everything more difficult. The best way to remove the cover is to remove all the water from on top of it using a pool cover pump, which I have. However, when there are holes in the cover, a lot of the water you remove is water from the pool, which means the pool will need to be filled back up. That’s not the end of the world–a lot of dirty water from the pool was pumped out over the colder months, and the pool was refilled quite a bit with fresh water. The tradeoff is cost (for water), and time to fill.

The cover and nets are held down using water bags. These are vinyl bags that are filled with water, and the weight of the water holds down the cover. The first step is to remove the water bags, and then the leaf nets, and ultimately the cover can be removed.

Most of this video is simply brute force, there’s no real skill involved here. I do like the fold the nets and the cover in an accordion-like fashion. That is to say: Spread the cover out, and grab down about 3 feet from the edge, and pull towards you so that fold you are making lands on the corner of the cover. Once it’s been folded like that, do the same from the outsides in.

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  1. I am looking for a smart right way to drain the pool cover with holes in it. When i try with a sump pump, it just drains the pool as the water finds its way into the cover. What's the right way to handle this problem?


  2. OK, a couple things, and beg pard if you've already answered OR answer in a future video… I'm playing catch-up.

    Anyhow: 1) I had NO IDEA just HOW TALL Sharkie is!!! lol. 2) dumb question.. obviously the surface of the water freezes in the winter, but will that just force the ice UP like a baking cupcake, or could it cause problems such as pushing out on the pool walls, bowing them? 3) could you patch the hole in the cover, or is it too big/not cost effective to do so? and finally… 4) when the footage is sped up, when xJoe81x walks, he reminds me of this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BlMo3C4dAPw

    Tuck into a BALL, and keep your face away from the FALL.

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