Supreme Court docket asks why sweeper usually are not getting safety gear from central authorities | SC's query to the federal government, 'Why are the cleaners of the septic tank not getting the security gear'


new Delhi: The Supreme Court has expressed concern over the death of scavengers during the cleaning of the septic tank. The Supreme Court said that people cannot be sent to the gas chamber without safety devices anywhere. Every month 4-5 people die like this. The Supreme Court asked the Central Government, asking that the Central Government should explain why oxygen cylinders are not being provided to such people.

With this, the Supreme Court while hearing the case related to SC / ST Act said that 70 years have passed since independence, but it is unfortunate that caste discrimination still continues in the country and governments have failed to protect them. .

The Supreme Court said that caste discrimination still continues in society and people cleaning menholes, drains and other places are dying due to not wearing protective equipment like masks, oxygen cylinders etc. The Supreme Court on Wednesday commented on government agencies not giving protection to the sewer cleaners.

A three-judge bench headed by Justice Arun Mishra criticized the government and said that unfortunately caste discrimination continues to prevail in society despite 70 years of independence.

The court described it as the most rude and inhumane situation. The court said that the sewer sanitation workers are dying every day and no security is being provided to them. Despite this, no action is taken against the officials concerned who have been negligent in providing security to the cleaning workers.

The bench asked, "What have you done for manual scavenging? People in any other country do not enter the manhole without a protective device. What have you done about it? The court said that untouchability still exists in this country The trend is because no one wants to be with the people involved in such cleaning activities.

The bench said that conditions should be improved. While making these comments, the bench of Justice Mishra, MR Shah and BR Gavai of the Supreme Court reserved the decision on the reconsideration petition of the Center. In the reconsideration petition, the Center has sought the withdrawal of the 2018 verdict, stricter provisions for immediate arrest on a complaint filed under the SC / ST Act and no anticipatory bail for the accused.

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