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The Dwelling of a Kingdom Man | Fathers Day | Dr. Tony Evans | The Various – jj

The Dwelling of a Kingdom Man | Fathers Day | Dr. Tony Evans | The Various

Books by Tony Evans Kingdom Man: Every Man’s Destiny, Every Woman’s Dream: https://amzn.to/2LhTYdb Kingdom Woman: Embracing Your Purpose, Power, …



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  1. Dr. Tony Evins
    Yeah I hear you, well let me tell you my story, about My testimony , My Wife and I sitting on our bed with Our Kids, I pulled out My Bible and ask My Wife she wants to join me, Know First I want to mention My Wife was a follower of God Chris Jesus. She brought me to Christ and church. Now and also remember our Kids was there on the bed too”
    When I ask My Wife to read with me, guest what she said” she said no she don’t want to read then I ask her why then she yelled at me Don’t tell me when to read I’ll read when I’m ready. And I ask her Go to Church with me and kids this Sunday she still yelled st me and said I don’t want to go I’ll go when I’m ready you take the kids go by your self.. I know there a Devil in her But why God Jesus allow her treat me like that when I the Man of the house and seeking God
    Jesus… And after that it got worst and worst and WORST” now where split up, and Our Family is truly Hurtting.. I thought it the Man of the house Job to bring women to kids to God Jesus.. explained that what happen?

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