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The Authentic Farting Preacher aka Pastor Fuel ( full model ) – jj

The Authentic Farting Preacher aka Pastor Fuel ( full model )

This is the original Farting Preacher. All Nine Plus Mins! UPDATE: 08/02/2013 6 plus years ago I uploaded this ( 2007 ) . Got quite a few views and then.



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  1. There was this trend back when this was created (mid-80s) for both professionally created studio 'weird humor' and parodies ie The Amazing Adventures of BananaMan and of course things like this to appear in little mini-segments, especially for shows that were the odd 45 minute length. OH, Bill Cosby also had a segment that I think was mostly on PBS or maybe just Saturday cartoons called Picture Pages. Anyway, one of our local stations actually featured this, clips of it at least, and gave the info on how to actually get it. I think they called it Only Heaven Knows or something like that?

    The one who made this painstakingly cutting together the clips, watching and getting the best facial expressions of this buffoon and dubbing over him, did it back in the 80s and sent out in VHS tapes to people who requested it-they asked for either $5 or $10, don't quite remember, back when they made it, and it was SO worth it if you ask me! I know it got much more famous and probably better edited, too, when radio shows, uh, CAUGHT WIND of it and spread the GASpel of holy flatulence like a methane fire.

    I really really wonder just where they are now and what ever happened. I was SO happy my brother was old enough to send them a check in the mail and get us a copy. It was one of the funniest things on earth, partly because we both LOATHED the likes of Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker and their BS fake crying with all that prostituting oneself makeup that even then made me wish someone from the transgender ballroom scenes, be it in Paris or NYC, would slap her into decency.

    We made a copy or two (though they, being VHSs, degraded quite a bit), but alas, they died from being overworked, sigh. I wish few people a painful death, but the Bakkers, Copelands and others soliciting $ for their private megamillion dollar jets, and this dip$hit and all the leakage within… they all deserve both horrendous painful deaths ie pustules and necrosis all over them, ideally amputation from their lavish living, mild enough poisoning to survive but with severe nerve pain because they love blowfish as much as they love other things that blow… and all their unearned money going to hospitals that can never cure them. At least the hospitals will be able to put the excesses of their payments into charity care. Maybe they'll even SEW A DAMNED SEED similar to those they exploited from poor and often sick people themselves. I don't believe in an eternal hell-this earth is hell enough, thanks-but I do long for the day when all these damned con artists exploiting the weak in the name of hope will become goddamned maggot food (though I pity the maggot for it will have the most vile flesh to rid the earth of and turn into soil and such)!

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