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Do not be disappointed if you are unemployed. There are many businesses that can be started with less investment and you can earn a lot. If you have 1 lakh rupees and you want to live in your own city and do some business through it, then the government can help you in this. You can earn up to 15 thousand rupees every month through an investment of 1 lakh rupees.

The government will help you through the currency scheme. The government has prepared a project report for a variety of businesses under the Mudra scheme. There is a project in this, where you will have to invest only 1 lakh rupees from yourself. Know what is this project and how can it benefit…

Start this business

In the project report prepared under the Mudra scheme, one business is the manufacturing unit of the product made from metal. In this, hand tools from cutlery and even some tools used in farming can be made. Cutlery is in demand in every household. In such a situation, if you are able to do only better marketing of your product, then the business can be increased further. The special thing is that according to the project report, it will cost about 3.30 lakh rupees to start this business. But if you want to do it, then the government will help in easy installments of Rs 2.16 lakh. Also read: SBI can give big gift to existing home loan customers!

Manufacturing Unit Expenses

Spending on set-up: 1.80 Lakh Rupees

It will include machinery such as welding sets, buffing motors, drilling machines, bench grinders, hand drilling, hand grinders, benches, panel boards and other tools.
Spend on Raw Material: Rs 1,20,000 (Raw material for 2 months)
Each month 40 thousand cutlery, 20 thousand hand tools and 20 thousand agricultural implementations will be ready in the raw material.
Salary and other expenses: 30 thousand rupees per month
Total expenditure: 3.3 lakh rupees
Out of this, only 1.14 lakh rupees will have to be shown by own emulsion. In the remaining expenditure, the government will help by giving a term loan of about 1.26 lakh rupees and a working capital loan of 90 thousand rupees.

How are you earning?

According to the project report, the product that will be prepared in the abovementioned estimate, through this, monthly sales of Rs 1.10 lakh are estimated. While the production cost will come to Rs 91,833. That is, gross profit will be around 18,167 rupees. In this, according to the interest rate of 13 percent loan, you have to deposit Rs 2,340 every month. While the incentive cost will be around Rs 1,100 per 1 percent. That is, the net profit will be Rs 14,427 every month.

You can apply under the Mudra scheme-

For this, under the Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana, you can apply in any bank. For this, you have to fill a form in which details like name, address, business address, education, current income and how much loan is required. There is also no need to pay any processing fees or guarantee fees. Loan amount can be returned in easy installments.

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