US President Donald Trump says, he needs to keep away from warfare with Iran | Trump was requested by reporters – Would you like warfare with Iran, acquired the reply – Completely not


Washington: Amid tensions with Iran, US President Donald Trump has said that his country does not want war with any country. Trump made this statement after the US indicated Iran's hand behind the drone attack on Saudi Arabia's oil fields. Trump told reporters at the White House on Monday, "Do I want war? I don't want war on anybody."

Trump gave this answer when asked if he wanted a war with Iran. Asked if Iran (on Saudi Arabia) was behind the attacks, Trump said, "It seems to be that way right now." Trump made this statement, while keeping a distance from his Foreign Minister Mike Ponpio's statement. Ponpio said on September 14 that 'Tehran has almost 100 percent of its hand behind the attack on Saudi Arabia'. Trump said, "We have to know for sure who did it. We have to talk to Saudi Arabia."

He said that Ponpio and others will visit Saudi Arabia at some point to discuss this issue. Iran has dismissed the US accusations as 'baseless' and 'false'. Unmanned aircraft carried out the attacks on 14 September. This damaged Saudi Arabia's largest oil fields – Hijra Khurais and crude oil facility Abiqiq.

No plan to meet President from Iran
Trump said in the meantime that there is no plan to meet Iranian President Hassan Rouhani beyond the UN meeting. Trump said, "I don't think Rouhani is ready for a meeting right now but he will definitely be ready for it in the future. I never deny the possibility of anything but I will not meet at the moment."

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