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  1. Great cast! Dame Routledge is fab! As are many others here! Love the radio play, excited to see this! Prayers for Prunella & husband Tim! Great actors & sweet people! TY for posting this Roy! What a treat! An absolute gem!

  2. I cannot stand American movies and or actors and actress with exception to a few decent people. I am American LOL The British have it over us! I rarely watch a flick more than once but this is so wonderful, I am watching it again! I love this!

  3. FAB!!! Fantastic. Oscars all round & to that J. B. Priestly fella whoever he is…. Oh if the BBC could get back to this again, but its a cast to die for & not a autocue anywhere I'd bet. Thanks for posting it & I hope it doesnt get lifted by the BBC. We've all paid for it already!

  4. Thank you SO much for posting this – it's a real joy to watch, with an excellent set and a superb cast 🙂 It's also been really helpful to me, as I'm playing Maria Helliwell in a couple of week's time, and listening to this 'in the background' has been a wonderful aid for learning my lines. When the BBC do period drama, they "make it an occasion, and do it well while they're at it" 😀

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