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Will the Nationwide Well being Insurance coverage scheme sink South Africa? – jj

Will the Nationwide Well being Insurance coverage scheme sink South Africa?

Apparently President Ramaphosa thinks it is the magic muti to cure all ailments. I disagree.



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  1. I actually spoke to a doctor yesterday. He said that the discussion under most doctors is that they will simply leave the country, they are pretty much fed up and any country will take them. It is seriously time we stand in unison and declare the ANC as an illegitimate government and a terrorist organization, how much corruption will it take?

  2. Scott this is disasterous!!! Its already taken a lot of lives because of poor uneducated "medical staff" in state hospitals aswell as private sector!!
    Rhamaposa describing the New Health bill sounds the same as when he described the noiseless condems in parlement! Full of colour and lubricated with LIES that will contribute to (methaphorical speaking) abortions caused by unlogical reasoning!! Colourfull condems without noise lubricated with greed to wipe out whats left. His swift suttle description of this health bennifit no one!! Devil spoken language!!

  3. He actually believes his own lies!!!!! NO LOGIC!!!!!! Playing right in the hands of George Sorros, freemasons, illuminati, satanists, leftists, hollywood, etc, to bring the NEW WORLD ORDER into action. Time is running out, people, we are living in the last days, and Bible prophecy must be fulfilled, before the coming of Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. The ANC and the EFF have already sunk South Africa and they have stolen all of South Africa’s money and we are in DEBT to China. Well done to these Criminals who have a IQ of 70. Really let’s go back 25 years 🤔 who in there right mind would give these these ANC terrorists permission to run SUID AFRIKA. Hint “ NWO/ROTHSCHILDS/BUSHES/CLINTONS/SOROS’s/QUEEN OF ENGLAND etc. and for those who don’t know? these people are Terrorists /Rapists/Murderers/Thieves/Pedo’s 🤔 the ANC/EFF are also Rapists/Murderers/Thieves/Pedo’s and most certainly they all are a bunch of TERRORISTS. PROOF ? Just look at South Africa in 2019! We were once the greatest Nation in the World and now we are one of the worse countries in the world! The only thing the ANC ever did was STEAL STEAL STEAL/RAPE RAPE RAPE/ KILL KILL KILL/DESROY exactly like Mugabe did in ZIMBABWE. Here is a quick life lesson – HOW TO DESTROY A COUNTRY? 🤔 “hint” ANC/EFF/BLF/IQ 70. NWO is alive and kicking in South Africa and they are the the ANC/EFF/BLF.

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