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Zee Jaankari: An evaluation to rid Kaliyuga of adulteration | Zee Jaankari: An evaluation to rid Kaliyuga of adulteration – jj

Zee Jaankari: An evaluation to rid Kaliyuga of adulteration | Zee Jaankari: An evaluation to rid Kaliyuga of adulteration


Look around you .. So you will see adulteration in everything from things to relationships, and from intention to nettagiri. It has always been said in the texts of India that today's era is Kali Yuga. But research says that today is the era of adulteration. India is now at the top of adulteration and our country has become the champion of making fake and adulterated goods. Today we will do 100 percent pure analysis of this adulteration. The wax of adulteration has frozen on our system and today we are doing an important DNA test to melt this wax.

You must have heard the proverb with high shop and unadulterated dish, but today we will tell you that not only tasteless dish but also fake and poisonous food items are found in high shops. The irony is that the ministry in India, which has the responsibility of stopping this adulteration, has become a victim of this adulteration itself. Union Minister of Consumer Affairs .. Ram Vilas Paswan had a press conference yesterday. During an informal chat before this press conference … he shared an anecdote related to his kitchen.

He told that his staff had bought some apples from Khan Market area of ​​Delhi to make Fruit Salad. These apples were purchased from a reputed shop for Rs 420 per kg. These apples were very shiny, so they were washed first, but they did not shine even after washing several times. When these apples were scratched with a knife, a thick layer of wax came out of them. After this Ram Vilas Paswan advised the journalists and people present there that fruits and vegetables brought from the market should be washed and eaten properly.

The incident was related to the Union Minister, so immediately the shopkeeper selling the apple was acted upon and his challan was also cut. This adulteration epidemic has spread not only in Delhi but in every corner of the country. Therefore today we will also tell you about ways to prevent adulteration, complain about it and identify it. First of all, know about adulteration in fruits and vegetables. Fax and vegetables like apples, cucumbers, and turnips are coated with a layer of wax.

This wax makes these fruits and vegetables more shiny and also prevents from spoiling quickly. The outer layer of fruits like apple is covered with natural wax. These waxes are not harmful to health, but they are washed thoroughly before being sent to stores and Supermarkets. During this washing, the layer of natural wax is removed and the brightness of the apple decreases. Therefore, artificial wax is applied on them. This makes these apples appear more refreshing and their luster attracts the caterers.

Usually, a layer of Food Grade wax is applied on the apple, that is, it is edible. But its high amount can harm your health. This can cause you diseases related to stomach and small intestine. And it is also possible that this wax, which is edible, has also been adulterated. Apart from this, a green dye is also applied on vegetables.

This DYE has been considered as a cancer factor. They are injected with hormones called Oxytocin to increase the size of fruits and vegetables. Oxytocin can cause heart-related diseases. A chemical called Calcium Carbide is used to cook fruits quickly. If this chemical goes into the body in large amounts, then you may have problems like headache, dizziness and nervousness. It can also make your nervous system nervous. Most eaten in India ..

Arhar dal uses a color called metanil yellow (metanil yellow), it is illegal to use this color, but it is used extensively in tur dal. This color can ruin your Nervous System completely. In grains like wheat, there is a fungus called Ergot (Ergot), if the wheat flour mixed with this fungus goes into your body, then you can become seriously ill. Similarly, spices are also adulterated extensively, turmeric is added with a color called Metanil Yellow (metanil yellow), and red pepper is added with a cancer-causing chemical called Red Oxide.

Milk is also not pure in India … It is made poisonous and impure by adding water, detergent and urea to the milk. In India, grain is called a deity. But in the process of profiteering, we commit the sin of adulteration with food too. Adulteration can lead any country to great destruction. So it is very important to stop it. Today, we have done 100 percent pure ground reporting on this news related to the health of common people. You can also call it the 'Quit India Movement' of Zee News. Released in the year 2018.

According to data from the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India, 25 percent of samples of food items were adulterated that year. Adulteration like pollution is not an issue in our country. Smoke has mixed in our air, poisonous particles are floating in our water. Plastic is destroying our environment and land. Adulteration of death is taking place in medicines, corruption of adulteration has been done in the process of treatment. Rumors are being adulterated in the news, politics…

Faced with adulteration of familism, and in our relationships, greed has become mixed with adulteration. Adulteration is a serious matter, but sometimes serious things are understood when they are explained in a satirical way.
Now tell you where and how you can complain of adulteration in food items. For this you can contact FSSAI.
For this, you can complain about adulteration by visiting the website shown on the screen at this time.

Apart from this, you also note a Toll Free Number. This number is 1800112100, this is FSSAI's Customer Care Number, you can also register your complaint by calling on it. The habit of adulteration leads any country to collapse. India is a religious country. Pure behavior and pure thoughts are given great priority in our place. It is also said that when a person goes to the temple, he should take care of the purity of the body as well as the mind.

But now even in India, God is not able to escape adulteration. In the Mahakaleshwar temple of Ujjain, when samples of milk to be offered on the Shivling were examined, it was found that up to 98.5 percent of them contained only water. You will be surprised to know that this fake milk was being sold to the devotees at a price of Rs 100 per liter.

That is, those who do business of adulteration… Do not leave religion too. There are students who pass by cheating in India. There are traders selling fake goods by guaranteeing 100 percent purity. There are leaders who break it by promising to the public. There are corrupt officials who make fun of laws and rules. The designers who adulterate the news are journalists.

And you know the condition of milk and ghee. This adulteration cannot be overcome by any law. There is no need to invent any gadget or technique for this, it just requires a little bit of morality and honesty.

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