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  1. no it's because all America is learning more and more everyday just how corrupt these communist socialist Democrats scumbags are there nothing but lies corrupt into seat because that's all communist socialism is its just lies corrupt action and deceit it's not sustainable and everyone in the world knows if they've been tried many many times through the centuries these scumbags don't care they only want to destroy America that's all they care about they have no agendas no nothing good to say about America just destroy it there scum-of-the-earth garbage and we will remove them their garbage and will be taken out the scumbag trash bye-bye you scumbags

  2. If you really believe in the future of your children and your country you must vote for the People's president who plays in the freedom of speech liberty and democracy and the Constitution of America racial equality and those were lawfully applied to come to live in your country to be allowed but he believes like most Americans they should not have to pay the import of criminals drug dealers sex traffickers and gangs and carry out the murder on the innocent and decent Christian people of America

  3. The demonrats are not attacking only the president but they are attacking every American citizen in this great country of ours.Demonrats care nothing about you and i as seen in their coup attempt. By not closing the border or helping with this crisis, demonrats are going to cause us millions if not billions of tax dollars to support illegal aliens. Is something wrong with this picture? Of course there is, they want illegal votes, power and more money from you the demonrat and us the dump repubs or deplorables as noted from the left. Its us the American who will be made to suffer at the hands of these so called representatives from the demorat side with some dump and deplorable repubs.

    They better prepare for whats coming and it aint good for them. There will not be enough money or power to keep them out of gitmo. Blinding spirits at work along with python and jezebel. WE MUST STAND UP NOW FELLOW DEMOCRATS IF YOU INTEND TO SURVIVE AND YOUR GRANDCHILDREN PROSPER IN THE FUTURE. TOMORROW YOU WILL NOT HAVE THE SAME PROTECTION AS YOU HAVE TODAY. THINK ABOUT IT. LET GOD BE YOUR GUIDE ONLY..

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