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DNS Home windows 2003 Server – jj

DNS Home windows 2003 Server

http://twitter.com/_marcionunes Configuring DNS (Domain Name Prefix) Installing DNS Service. Configuring Forward / Reverse Lookup. Configuration and …



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  1. Hi guys I'm a noob on this type of things so I have a question that may, for you guys, will be idiot, but sorry. I have 2 Computers. One is running Windows Server 2003 R2 Enterprise x86, and the other one Windows 7 Ultimate x64. I've Already configurated the A.D. but now I cant config DNS as well because it needs a static ip and I dont know how I can put this statics ip,and all the other stuffs. So When I try to add my Windows 7 to the domain I get an error. Can please someone help me on this?

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