JOKES: When Santu requested his spouse on the fifth wedding ceremony anniversary, which day did you want the perfect? JOKES santa banta spouse



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Published: Saturday, September 7, 2019, 14:48 (IST)

When Santu asked his wife, when did you like the best

Santu with his wife – It has been five years since our marriage. What day did you like best?

BV: That day .. when you went to Ludhiana.

When Santu asked his wife, when did you like the best

A girl who liked a girl said to him, "Give me a gift that I can keep."

The girl gave the sole of her shoe –

The boy took the tie and took it to the goldsmith and said that make a silver frame and give root in it …

Goldsmith said- Sir come and take it tomorrow

The next day when the boy came to take a bath, the goldsmith asked: Which Pir Sahab is this shoe ???

The boy said that this is not from Pir Saheb – he belongs to my lover –

The goldsmith said: Part brother-in-law's child,

Since yesterday, my whole family has gone crazy after kissing the shoe.

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