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  1. Yes Contessa is a judgemental AF. Contessa didn't realize that Michael was playing with his mom. All of the rest of the women know Micheal personality and that he's a joker. If his mom thought he was serious she would have read him for filth. (BTW Contessa was there because it was the end of season cast party. She was contractual obligated.

  2. Yessss James come thru Ms Lucy is a low dammm gutter snipe that was some trash shit she said about heavenly low down dirty ass Lucy u didn't had to take that dumb shit there. Mariah sad to say if it wasn't for that husband of yours Lucy gutter will right were the holey pipes at

  3. "Come on through truth! Come on truth!" 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂 You READ Heavenly for what she was! A mean nasty square-head b#$%@! No you didn't say Mariah fans will Olivia Pope the situation. 😂😂 Not Vile Nasty Gutter Snipe!!! You spilled all the ☕🍵! The SHADE 🌴🍃 was real!!! Yes I caught how Andy had her back. There is SO much I want to say, but you said it best.

  4. Quad jumpsuit was a NeNe knockoff of 3 seasons ago. Conetessa kissed Renee ass b/c she was being them kids mother so she can feel good about abandoning them kids. Contessa let that woman (Renee) run her damn house and she was embarrassed when the rest of them ladies got to see the help running shit but she needs to point that finger in the mirror. I am so glad Simone is sending her son to Howard b/c they need some soul in their lives. As for Quad, no she should not have a baby in that fake love marriage. I think Quad married a man she didn't love (i.e. arrested before wedding) that relationship was messed up before they got married so why not. As for Heavenly's little girl they have encourage that fast ass attitude acting all grown. That is not cute. Heavenly cried her first season b/c Jackie made fun of her weight but she turns around and does it to Toya. She sat her fat ass up there in that cheap ugly dress talking about she will not make jokes she is not joking with her jealously in her hart. Simone is always talking about how mean her husband is but she is mean also. Remember when her husband tried to get Simone and Toya back as friends and how she went off on that man in that parking lot. She is no angel.

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