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Mumbai altering life-style made diabetes a killer illness | Mumbai's altering life made diabetes a silent killer from foremost killer – jj

Mumbai altering life-style made diabetes a killer illness | Mumbai's altering life made diabetes a silent killer from foremost killer


Mumbai: Diabetes is a disease that was known as the silent killer till now. She has now become the main killer in the country's financial capital Mumbai (Mumbai), that is, diabetes has overtaken all other diseases in Mumbai. According to statistics, deaths due to heart attack have also come in second place. The lifestyle of the people of Mumbai, who never slept, has become such that the highest death in Mumbai is due to diabetes called Silent Killer. According to an assessment, 26 people are dying prematurely every day due to diabetes.

Just look at these figures …
– The number of people dying of diabetes is 9525 since the year 2017.
– The death toll from heart attack is 8058 since 2017.
– The death toll from TB is 4049 since 2017.

Statistics show that these three diseases have outpaced the other diseases, which are becoming deadly for the financial capital Mumbai (Mumbai).

A report has been released by the Darsal Praja Foundation after extracting information from all government hospitals in Mumbai (Mumbai). In which first number is diabetes, then heart disease followed by TB. Since 2017, 9525 people have died due to diabetes. At the same time, 8058 people died from heart attack and 4049 from TB. The Praja Foundation, which collects these data, has received this data through the CRA system, which is controlled by the central government.

According to medical experts, the sales of diabetes medicine have increased for a few months compared to earlier, whether it is Ayurvedic medicines or English medicines. Once a patient comes in the grip of diabetes, he has no choice but to eat medicine throughout his life. Because diabetes can only be controlled, it cannot be completely cured. Doctors say that the changed lifestyle of the people is mainly responsible for this.

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Main causes of diabetes
– Lack of manual labor
– Not regular exercise
– Excess intake of junk food
– stressful life
– Not getting enough sleep
– Excessive sweet intake
– Genetic causes

Doctors say that cases of pre-diabetes are increasing, which shows how severe this disease can take in the coming days. Many other diseases become a cause of trouble for the patient due to diabetes. In such a situation, people need to be careful.

How to avoid diabetes
– Take balanced and nutritious food
– Exercise regularly or do yoga
– Do not drink too much of junk food
– Do not consume too much of sweets
– Get plenty of sleep and avoid stress
– Get your regular checkup done

Doctors say that the risk of diabetes increases after 35 years. After 50 years, it is even more important to keep checking your rules. So that it can be controlled only at the initial stage. Diabetes is a disease that is taking hold of not only Mumbai but the entire country. Talking about the whole country, around eight crore people are suffering from diabetes. In such a situation, there is a dire need to stay alert from this disease and alert others as well.

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