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New Seller Pricing Mannequin – Educate Your Buyer! – jj

New Seller Pricing Mannequin – Educate Your Buyer!

Don’t wait for your customer to bring up the price; YOU bring the price up and explain. Automotive sales training, car sales training, selling cars, automotive sales …


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  1. "and it comes with the same benefits we offer" … they give arbitrary value amounts to things like "paintless dent repair" and "KEY FOB" replacement… Just another scam and reason that people hate buying cars from guys like this..

  2. David….I'll let me tell you a story about the internet like it was invented yesterday….David ….Let me talk to you like your an idiot…David….David..David….David…Take the car today….David…David…
    Story Telling is code for Bull Shitty …which is as transparent as glass

  3. Story Telling Tactics. Love it! Each video from hear on out should highlight the salesperson's ability to craft their own sales story to match what vehicle and benefits package they are offering. Your a master narrative creator, and therefore a potential master income.

  4. Recently went in with the mindset of buying a new truck I saw advertised online at a local ram dealership. After the test drive and deciding this is the truck for me, we go in and start the paper work when I notice the payments make no sense at all. After going back and forth with the salesman, he gets the manager and finally they tell me the online price was a mistake and it is actually 8k more than advertised.
    Safe to say I was not impressed, got up and left.
    Is this a sales tactic?

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