Pakistan couldn’t collect assist in Jammu and Kashmir on UNHRC | Pakistan's additional worldwide defeat on Jammu and Kashmir, couldn’t collect assist in UNHRC | Pakistan's additional worldwide defeat over Jammu and Kashmir, couldn’t collect assist in UNHRC


Geneva: Pakistan has received another diplomatic defeat on the international stage regarding the issue of Jammu and Kashmir. Most of the member countries of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) have also refused to support Pakistan after being beaten by the European Union. In the UNHRC, Pakistan wanted to present a resolution on the Jammu and Kashmir issue, but it has failed to garner enough support for it. With this, Jammu and Kashmir Prime Minister Imran Khan's plan to make Kashmir issue an international issue has been crushed.

According to the news agency ANI, Pakistan could not submit the letter of support of the necessary members to the UNHRC within the stipulated time frame. Most of the member countries of the UNHRC refused to support Pakistan's proposal to introduce a resolution on the Jammu and Kashmir issue. Due to this, the intention of Pakistan has been revived.

According to the news agency, India's first secretary in the United Nations Human Rights Council, Kumam Mini Devi said, "Jammu and Kashmir is India's sovereign and internal matter. Pakistan is trying to misinterpret the border with wrong intentions. The border of injustice is being crossed in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK). Incidents like rape and murder are being carried out in custody. Human rights violations of activists and journalists are common there.

EU MPs lambasted Pakistan
Earlier on Wednesday, European MPs Resjard Jarnecki and Phulvio Martusiello and Indian-origin member Nina Gill reprimanded Pakistan (Pakistan) for harboring terrorists, as well as eyes on human rights violations by Pakistan's EU MPs He also criticized shaving. The Kashmir issue was debated in the European Parliament on Tuesday, in which Jaranecki, a member of the EU Parliament and Poland's European Conservative and Reformist Group, described India as the 'world's greatest democracy'.

He said, 'We need to see the terrorist activities that happen in India and Jammu and Kashmir. These terrorists do not come from the moon, they come from the neighboring country. We should support India.

The European People's Party of Italy (Christian Democrats) Phulvio Martusiello lashed out at Pakistan for threatening nuclear war. Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan had threatened to spark a nuclear war on the Kashmir issue. He said that terrorists are using Pakistan to plan heinous terrorist attacks in Europe. Indian-origin MEP (Member of European Parliament) Gill spoke strongly against Pakistan and expressed surprise at fellow MEPs for turning a blind eye to human rights violations in Pakistan.

He said, 'To those members who have spoken of their anger towards India. I am astonished by your partiality and lack of sympathy with the Kashmiris. When Pakistan (Pakistan) took the same measures in Gilgit-Baltistan, we did not talk, when they gave the territory to China which was not theirs, we did not talk. Or when Sikhs or other minority women are abducted and forced to convert, we do not talk.

He said, 'The fact is that human rights are being violated in PoK (Pakistan-occupied Kashmir) and many respected colleagues see it another way.'

He said that the solution of Kashmir cannot come out of this house. This solution can be achieved only when government-backed terrorism and global misconception by Pakistan ends, and then talks should be done. He said that Pakistan (Pakistan) 'can negotiate, but when it comes to human rights, it cannot run away'.

He said, 'I tell those colleagues who are angry about Article 370, you focus on one part and ignore other issues which are dear to the hearts of many of us.' , 'Removing it (Article 370) will not only protect LGBT rights, the rights of women and minorities, but will also improve environmental protection and prevent abusive triple talaq End. " He said, "And why, Kashmiris should have less rights than others, while the rest have."

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