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Notion of Threat defined with a Dynamics – jj

Notion of Threat defined with a Dynamics

The perception of risk is subjective, each worker can have a different perception, in this dynamic this situation can be evidenced.

With this simple dynamic you can explain something complex like Risk Perception. Each worker can make an assessment of the consequences of a possible accident and see how his colleagues perform the assessment differently from his, that is, each has a different perception of the risks.

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Fun Prevention has more Attraction

Let the workers comply with safety standards by conviction and not just by obligation.

Safety dynamics serve to make workers reflect in a didactic and playful way. When doing dynamic safety talks there is also greater motivation for workers.

Training, training, talks, sensitization and talks about occupational safety and health or prevention of occupational hazards do not have to be boring. By using games, dynamics, and other recreational activities we can motivate self-care, increase awareness or safety awareness.

To raise awareness, raise awareness or raise awareness of workers in occupational safety and health or prevention of occupational hazards, rather than talk to them, you have to listen to them, so the ideas we give you in this channel will make your awareness, training, training, talk or Safety and health at work talk in a fun, dynamic, fun way.

The perception of risk is the ability to detect, identify and react to a situation of potential harm. It is a spontaneous and immediate process that allows estimations or judgments about situations based on the information that the person selects and processes.

That is, the perception of risk is an individual subjective act and, therefore, influenced by situations and experiences of the subject such as:

Level of education,
Workplace experience,
Having suffered or not accidents,
Previous Beliefs,
Social aspects
Which result in a perception of variable risk in each individual.

This explains why, given the same risk, they are perceived to a greater or lesser extent by the workers, being said insufficient or inadequate perception that causes their acceptance and, finally, the cause of work accidents.

Why is risk perception inadequate?
There are innumerable situations in which the perception of inappropriate risk is involved, for example, in the non-use of PPE. The low valuation (undervaluation) of the risk that invites to disregard its use has its origin in several possible factors, such as:

Absence of risk vision. The individual does not see dangerous not using the PPE.
Social pressure. Nobody uses them, therefore I will not stand out using them.
Comfort. Yes, PPE protects, but it also bothers.
Reasons that can be summed up in that the potential damages are not valued as important, but the immediate advantages of assuming certain risks.


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