The Unimaginable Bosnian Pyramid Advanced – Dr. Sam Osmanagich Undertaking Replace

The Incredible Bosnian Pyramid Complex – Dr. Sam Osmanagich Project Update | Richard Sacks Lost Arts Radio Show on Sunday 8/4/19 Listen online: …


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  1. Great guest…sound frequency healing, old knowledge obfuscated and attacked every time re-discovered. 1920s in U.S., proven effective and across the spectrum. Physician, a true healer, attacked and every produced machine confiscated/destroyed.
    Holistic, naturopathic healers as well as herbal, sound frequency, and pranic techniques being attacked continuously. Practitioners themselves murdered by the dozens.
    Good indication that they have correct approach.
    "Can't be meditating in a pyramid", might find resonance beneficial to establishing real power humanity possesses inherently, currently being inhibited by food, water additives and RFR, electromagnetic interference.
    You realize they knew for centuries when this placement was coming? Established the protocols, (fluoride, electrical grids, RFR, EM fields) decades in advance to hinder physiologically and energetically any who might escape….this isn't new. Same wars fought long before the memory of most…same enemy of all life and light. Through the gate it came,it's servants generation after generation seeking to destroy, bastardized, or enslave everything living…. Here they are again, same precipice, same plan, junkier technology…

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