The Mac Line Is Larger Than iPhone


MacThe latest controversy to hit Apple this year has little to do with the stock price, or iPhone sales, or the company abandoning the Mac. Say it ain’t so, Yogi! Never the twain shall meet.

As powerful as a new iPad Pro can be, it can’t do what almost any Mac can. Connect stuff together. New iPad Pro models have a USB-C port. That makes it compatible with many third party hardware components, but nothing like what you can do if you add this piece of kit to a Mac.

Port Storm

For most of this century I’ve been a customer of MacSales; also known as Other World Computing. They are Mac folks and sell products that work well on every Mac model; SSDs, hard disk drives, cables, RAM, toolkits, accessories, and more.

Here’s on of my new toys. It’s called the Thunderbolt 3 Dock and it comes packed with places to plug things into which plugs into your Mac. No iPad Pro can do this.

Thunderbolt 3 Dock

Thunderbolt 3 Dock isn’t very big and looks as if it belongs to the new Mac mini class. It uses a single cable to the Mac– Thunderbolt, of course– and brings options for 14 additional ports to plug in. Yes, Thunderbolt is that much better than USB-C and that’s all you get with iPad Pro.

One cable, meet 14 additional cables or dongles in a mad rush to have anything and everything connect to the latest Macs (gotta have Thunderbolt 3).

Through a single cable, the OWC Thunderbolt 3 Dock brings an unprecedented combination of ports, convenience and power to your Thunderbolt 3 equipped Windows or Mac. Bring functionality back to your notebook. Quickly access all of the displays and peripherals at your desk while minimizing desk clutter. Charge your computer and all of your mobile devices simultaneously. Connect and make any shared workspace feel like home.

Thunderbolt 3 Dock is not for every Mac user. First, you need a Mac with Thunderbolt 3. The new MacBook Pro models have ’em, and the Mac mini, and the MacBook Air. Plus, you’ll find them on the iMac and iMac Pro models, but this connectivity option is relatively new so if you love to plug in all sorts of external devices, you gotta go with the latest and greatest.

Thunderbolt 3 Dock

The plugin ports are kinda sort front and back so you’ll need to choose carefully if you have a neatness OCD gene, but not matter what, the more you connect to the Dock and your Mac, the messier the clutter.

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes and I like the same things.

On the back there are four USB-A 3.1 Gen 1 ports, one of which supports 7.5W fast charging, an S/PDIF port, a Gigabit Ethernet port, two Thunderbolt 3 ports, and a single Mini DisplayPort. On the front there’s a USB-A 3.1 Gen 1 port (again, this one supports 7.5W fast charging), a USB-C ports that supports Power Delivery, an analog audio in/out, an SD Card reader, and a microSD card reader.

It’s as if I died and went to dongle heaven and God himself upgraded me to the Sweet Connectivity Suite. Thunderbolt 3 Dock isn’t cheap at $300 but there is nothing better to expand those limited Thunderbolt USB-C ports on a new Mac.

This is the kind of Mac thing you just cannot do on an iPad Pro, even with magic that ends at $2,227.

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