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The Temptations – Papa Was A Rolling Stone – jj

The Temptations – Papa Was A Rolling Stone

Artist : The Temptations Title : Papa was a rolling stone Album : All Directions Year : 1972 Label : Warwick, Miracle, Gordy, Motown, Atlantic, New Door/Universal …



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  1. This song means so much to me. I grew up on the east side of Detroit. 1967 lost my mom at 5 years old and my pops was out doin his thing. Begging borrowing and stealing. This song reminds me so much of my childhood. I got to know my Dad after he got out the Joint. He did a 17 year bit. When he got out he changed his life and him and i became best friends. He passed in 2013. And i mis him dearly i dedicate this one to Robert Bradley my pops one of the best cats that ever ran the streets back in the day RIP Wally Gator

  2. Probably the best song they have . For the 6,9 k TURKEYS, with thumb down !!! Educate yourself in ROCK'N ROLL , first ! Don't make yourself look like a fool & an ass !!!! THAT KIDS IS A MASTERPIECE !!!! LISTEN & LEARN FROM ONE OF THE BEST !!!!

  3. For those wondering, the other musicians are guitarists Billy Cooper, Eddie Willis, Joe Messina, Melvin Ragin, Paul Warren, Robert Ward, and Robert White; bassists Bob Babbitt, James Jamerson, and Leroy Taylor; drummers Aaron Smith, Andrew Smith, Richard Allen, and Uriel Jones; bongo player-conga player Eddie "Bongo" Brown; tambourinist-maracas player-sticks player Jack Ashford; timpanist-vibraphonist-bell player-gourd player Jack Brokensha; pianist Earl Van Dyke; organist Johnny Griffith; and arranger-conductor Paul Riser.

  4. The totality of the artistry that says, It might get better, but not too soon or never in this modern music scene.
    Excellence of this magnitude is almost none-existent . . .
    On y.t. there is a flute transcription of the Beethoven Violin Concert. listen to both versions- a lot
    it's another "the right stuff" moment

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