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Zee Jaankari: Evaluation of Unidentified Flying Object seen in America | Zee Jaankari: Evaluation of 'alien craft' seen in America – jj

Zee Jaankari: Evaluation of Unidentified Flying Object seen in America | Zee Jaankari: Evaluation of 'alien craft' seen in America


Our next analysis is based on U.F.O or in simple language, 'Udon Tashtirs'. You must also have heard about Aliens and UFO at one or the other time. UFO is discussed all over the world. In the language of scientists, its full name is Unidentified Flying Object … an object flying in the air … which is unrecognizable. Although governments and armies around the world have been denying its existence. But now the US Navy has accepted three different incidents of UFO sighting. That is, the US military has now started to believe that these UFOs visible in the sky can also be real.

These three videos were leak 2 years ago. In these videos, these UFOs are doing such aerial tricks which are not possible with any Aviation Technology present in the world. You should watch and listen to these three videos carefully. These include stunning photographs as well as a dialogue between Pilots of the US Navy. This dialogue will further increase your interest in UFOs.

2 of these videos were leaked in December 2017, while the third video was revealed in March 2018. In these videos you have just seen how a spherical object is hovering in the air and after that this flying saucer disappears at a very high speed. In the second video, US Navy pilots are also shocked to see the speed of UFO and ask each other, what is this thing?

The US Navy is calling the shapes seen in these three videos not UFO but UAP. UAP stands for Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon ie Unknown Aerial Event. This Phenomenon appearing in the sky can also be an illusion, or may be the result of some celestial event. Now US Navy officials say that such videos should never be made public.

World UFO Day is also celebrated every year on 2 July, so that the presence of UFOs and aliens around the world can be discussed and researched. Today, you should also know about the history of UFO or Udon saucer. On June 24, 1947, businessman Kenneth Arnold (Kenneth Arnold) first saw the strange 9 figures flying in the air in the US capital Washington.

At that time Arnold had said that these shapes were moving in the same way as a plate in the waves of the sea. Subsequently, on 2 July 1947, debris of a Crash SpaceCraft was found in Roswell (Rosswell) area of ​​America. People present there also claimed to have seen the dead bodies of aliens.

However, US AirForce stated in a report in 1994 that the debris belonged to Surveillance Balloons …. and what was being called the corpse of aliens were actually Dummies (dummies). After such incidents, in the year 1948, US Air Force started Project Sign (Project Sign) for investigation. After this, from the year 1952 to 1969, a report was prepared on 12,000 such incidents under Project Blue Book.

In addition to the Project Blue Book, a better report about UFOs was produced in Canada, where 750 such incidents were recorded. There have been reports of UFO sightings in many places in India too, but no one has confirmed it yet. After the US Navy has told these videos right, it is certain that things like UFO or aliens cannot be denied. Now people are waiting for the time when the secret of another world will come in front of everyone.

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