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Arthroscopic elimination of calcium deposit from shoulder (calcific tendonitis) – jj

Arthroscopic elimination of calcium deposit from shoulder (calcific tendonitis)

Randy Clark, MD from Coral Desert Orthopedics in St. George Utah narrates a video demonstration of calcium removal from a rotator cuff. He is an orthopedic …



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  1. I have just been diagnosed with this (I had an accident in july last year and have been in pain since a week after) The consultant said there was no guarantee that he would even find the calcium deposit, but my X-ray is almost identical to your patient….. I am on shed load of pain relief and take Oramorph at night to sleep. I have been off work since the accident and it doesn't look good for returning now, with no idea of when or IF this pain will go.

  2. Recovery after this surgery is actually pretty quick. Usually you can start shoulder motion right away and you have relief from the severe pain that the calcific tendonitis can cause. It is best to try injections and NSAID's prior to surgery. Many times your body will take care of the calcium on its own. It is important to get an x-ray of your shoulder prior to surgery because sometimes your body has already taken care of it and surgery is no longer necessary.

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