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Primary Eating Etiquette – Utilizing Utensils – jj

Primary Eating Etiquette – Utilizing Utensils

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In this video, etiquette expert Nancy R. Mitchell, The Etiquette Advocate,
guides viewers through established rules and nuances of dining etiquette.
Segments presented cover responding to an invitation; do’s and taboos at
table; navigating a place setting; use of utensils, including American vs.
European styles of dining; eating various courses; toasting; and mastering
challenging foods.


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  1. I work in an inner-city school in England which has about 950 pupils. If a dozen of them know how to hold and use a knife and fork properly, that's about it. It's like watching a bunch of wild animals eating. Very sad indeed.

  2. To eat with fork and knife make you look respectful and people nearby will actually testify the difference between the educated and uneducated. We may eat that way outside—good—but I advise we should eat normal the way it pleases you! Learning is knowledge gaining!

  3. I forgot the true origins of switching knife and fork – I have never done this myself. But later many people say that it is more polite because it makes people slow down and gives them more time to chew their food properly. Because no one wants to watch someone else shovel food down their throats. in a nonstop fashion. Putting your fork down between bites forces you to completely chew your food and eliminate it from your mouth before you take another bite. I have seen plenty of people who do not put their knife down and put food into their mouths before they have COMPLETELY swallowed the first batch and it truly is disgusting to see.

    It also creates time so that people do not overeat. They say that when people slow down during a meal, they eat less. (Because there is a lag time between when you are full and actually REALIZE that you are full).

  4. I think this is complicated but Alahmdulilah our PROPHET HAZRAT MUHAMMAD (S.A.W) taugt us to eat meal and by using three finger of right hand which are thumb fore fingers and middle finger….and ofcourse its is very easyy…

  5. Come on life is to short to eat like a rich glam person humans are still animals I wouldn’t care if I threw away the forks and spoons and small fork sporks and ate everything with my bare hands not that that needs to be judged upon

  6. Do you prepare yourself for the “day of judgement” like this? It’s funny how people pay attention to nonsense like this, which of they won’t have no use in the “afterlife” instead of investing in to valuable things that actually matter!.

  7. Cutting the food using knife with the right hand, and eating the food with the help of fork in the left hand. Is the person considered as left handed or right handed? And mainly on what basis- eating or cutting?

  8. So many kinds of forks, spoons, plates, and glasses 😂 same functions. I can use my spoon as a knife too😜 why you have to make eating so complicated 😂 you cannot enjoy your seafoods by using fork and spoon. Just eat the normal way and enjoy your food.

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