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Costa Adeje Scooters for folks with disabilities – jj

Costa Adeje Scooters for folks with disabilities

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Adeje January 15, 2016
The alleged scooters for people with disabilities invade the tourist areas of Adeje

They are everywhere, they circulate in every way, along the road and pedestrian areas, there seems to be no limit, the image speaks for itself.

eds / DG. Technology walks faster than legislation, something that already happened with drones and will happen with autonomous cars, these self-balancing electric scooters, as they usually call it in the jargon of connoisseurs, are in a legal vacuum in Spain.

In Scotland, Wales, England and Northern Ireland, you cannot drive with these vehicles and there are infractions for using these scooters on public roads.

In Spain, Royal Legislative Decree 339/1990, of March 2, approving the Articulated Text of the Law on Traffic, Traffic of Motor Vehicles and Road Safety (Valid until January 31, 2016) says in the Annex 1 that: “For the purposes of this Law and its complementary provisions, Pedestrian is understood as a Person who, without being a driver, travels on foot on the tracks or land referred to in Article 2.

He also adds that: It is also pedestrians who push or drag a child car, any other vehicle without a small engine, those who drive a two-wheeled cycle or moped on foot, and the disabled who circulate when passing a pedestrian as in an electric wheelchair or quadricycle scooters frequently used by people with reduced mobility.

As a restriction according to the same law, they cannot be driven at a faster speed than a pedestrian, something that is never met, much less with vehicles that can reach 25 km / h.

The manufacturer Taizhou Tongli Motorcycle CO., LTD, mentions on its website, "Our main products, including electric tricycles, electric mobility scooters, passenger tricycles and electric and electric cargo richshaw, are specially designed for Adults, Elderly, Disabled and people with disabilities "

This situation means that the regulation of these vehicles by pedestrian paths could be legislated by the municipalities regulated by the Consistories, as is the case of the Arona City Council that banned the use of electric bicycles, scooters and scooters in pedestrian walks in August 2015 Due to the numerous complaints and various accidents and abuses that were occurring due to its influx, the problem arises when tourists travel all along our coast from one municipality to another.

Anyway, we can only be sure of one thing, that an ordinary citizen, that is seen by a policeman or a civil guard, circulating with a scooter of these, in any town of our island, and in the way they do These tourists, their hair falls out.


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