Dacoit Sohan Cole opened MP Police ballot, said- I killed Babuli and Lovelesh. Chitrakoot police arrested dacoit Sohan Cole after encounter


Sohan Cole is worth one lakh

Sohan Cole is worth one lakh

According to the information, after Babuli Cole and Lovelesh were killed, the police is searching for the remaining members of that gang. In the same sequence, on Friday morning, UP STF and Chitrakoot Police had an encounter with the dacoits of Babuli Kol gang in the forests of Patha. After firing several rounds, the police team arrested Sohan Cole, a prize dacoit worth one lakh rupees. 100 cartridges were recovered from Sohan Cole along with two Thirty Spring semi automatic rifles and one 315 bore rifle. The encounter took place in Kalyanpur village of Markundi police station area.

Police arrested Sohan Cole

Police arrested Sohan Cole

DIG Deepak Kumar said that after Babul Kol and Lovelesh were killed, the gang members Sohan Cole, Sanjay, Chhota Bhaiya and Lali managed to escape with weapons and miscreants. After which the police were getting information about this gang hiding in the jungles. Due to which police were combing in the forests of Manikpur. He said that when a dacoit appeared in the forests of Kalyanpur during the combing, the dacoit started firing after being challenged by the police team. The police have fired their counter-attack that surrounded and arrested this person with courage and courage.

I killed Babuli and Lovelace - Sohan Cole

I killed Babuli and Lovelace – Sohan Cole

The name of the arrested dacoit is Sohan Cole, a reward of one lakh rupees has been declared on Sohan. 315 bore rifle 6 charger 30 Springfield and various board member cartridges have been recovered from it. At the same time, the dacoit Sohan Cole made a statement in front of the media that he killed Babuli Cole and Lovelace Cole. Sohan Cole told that Bubbly Cole did not allow him to go home. Not only this, he did not even share in the ransom money. Troubled by this, Sohan Cole shot Babuli Cole's head and Lovelace Cole to death. Sohan Cole told that at that time six people including Kul Sohan, Chhote Bhaiya, Lali, Lovelesh, Sanjay and Babuli were sitting. I made Babuli unarmed by killing Lovelace. After this, I shot him in the head and killed him too. On how the MP police got the idea, he told that Lali was present there at that time. He would have informed them about it. On this claim of Sohan Cole, DIG Deepak Kumar said that this is the subject of investigation.

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