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Dave Dombrowski Purple Sox 2019 Commerce Deadline Full Press Convention – jj

Dave Dombrowski Purple Sox 2019 Commerce Deadline Full Press Convention

Boston Red Sox president of baseball operations Dave Dombrowski speaks with media following the 2019 MLB Trade Deadline. For more: …


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  1. This guy and the red sox are morons do you know how many fucking quality relief pitchers are on the market each and every year and how little you usually have to give up to get them. Yet he goes and says he has faith in the guys they have. Bullpen has become one of the most important things to have in all of Baseball the last few years. Boston Bullpen is fucking garbage other than Workman. Starting pitching on the Sox isn't good enough to hope they can ride it in the playoffs. Sale will look good for a start or two but than get rocked for the next few games and he usually falls apart more and more the later the season guys on. Price has been decent with a 3.86 ERA E-Rod sure is 13-4 but he has like the most run support in all of MLB. Percello has been utter garbage great way to waste a huge contract on a guy who's what had just one really good year and every other has been subpar to bad. And than you traded for Cashner who has been decent this year but is also someone who at any given time can just fall apart. So if your hoping to get 7 inn out of those types of guys in the playoffs than good luck.

    Better prey and hope you can get a good reliever or two with the waiver period.

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