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Well being minister speaks on NHI invoice – jj

Well being minister speaks on NHI invoice

The National Health Insurance bill has been introduced to Parliament and aims to provide healthcare to all South Africans, and designated foreigners. But exactly how will this ambitious project be rolled out, and crucially, how much will it cost the taxpayer? Courtesy #DStv403



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  1. The current budget without the looting will be sufficient for the public Healthcare system.
    The current budget plus the private sector budget will equal big time looting with the current quality of the public Healthcare system spread evenly across the nation.

  2. I read this is a gorge soros and clintons project, like the abama care, which most Americans says it's not good. So my question is what do this two stand to benefit? They couldn't maintain the public hospitals which was the best in the world. Tax payers are contributing to the public hospitals. So if you cant run this hospitals to operate efficient, how you gonna maintain soros and clintons enterprise.

  3. These muntus are bastards. They don’t know what the f they talking about. Steal from taxpayers. As a black man whose worked hard for what I have, the bastards are communists. They are trying to steal from us again. F the government. Bunch of crooks. I am moving to Australia with the white people

  4. Need to start a hashtag against this bill. The government needs to fix the current public healthcare before doing anything. If management is a problem now in the public healthcare how is it going to be different with NHI. He shouldn't talk about home affairs. A movement against this thing is needed

  5. So after destroying the public health sector we take aim at the private sector…
    To recover losses from looting we take aim at the ordinary tax payer.
    We rock at destroying don't we?
    Yes, every South African has the right to good health, which should be made accessible for those who can't afford it…by the the state and not the tax payer.

  6. Does everybody get a red pair of overalls with that? FREE education, FREE healthcare, FREE electricity, FREE water, MINIMUM wage……am I in the right country? Have we been making money like the US, the UK, Australia, Canada, the EU……that we can afford all of this? We are looking at a Moody's junk status ranking and a broken economy. Yet we're spending money like drunken sailors. 1+1=2, 2-4 = -2 deficit normally financed by White Monopoly Capital…. lol….are we just stupid?

  7. Now we in shit Street, we to fund NHI, damn, now our private health care will become shacks, filthy state of affairs, and we will end up like eskom, money will be stolen, nd we won't even have medicines just look at government hospitals and its condition, they can't look after anything

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