IAF receives Spice 2000 constructing blaster buster bombs from Israel | The primary consignment of Spice-2000 bombs had been acquired from Israel, they had been used within the Balakot strike.


  • Spice-2000 is also known as 'Building Blaster'
  • The Air Force negotiated with Israel in June to achieve this

Dainik bhaskar

Sep 16, 2019, 11:54 AM IST

new Delhi. The Indian Air Force has acquired the first batch of Spice-2000 bombs, popularly known as 'Building Blaster', successfully used in Balakot air strike. Air force sources told the news agency that the Israeli company has begun delivery of the Spice-2000 bombs to India and recently received its first shipment.

He said the bomb was acquired at the Mirage-2000 fighter aircraft's home base Gwalior as the aircraft is capable of firing Israeli bombs. The Indian Air Force raised 250 crore to acquire the Mark 84 warhead and bombs with Israel. Had signed the agreement. It has the ability to completely demolish the building.

Air Force will receive 100 Spice Bombs from Israel

He said that the agreement was in June this year to acquire 100 Spice Bombs. The IAF wanted to acquire these bombs after successfully conducting air strikes at the Balakot-based terrorist organization Jaish-e-Mohammed. The Air Force dropped Spice-2000 bombs from Mirage-2000 fighter aircraft at the terrorists' bases.


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