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Samsung Insider Delivers Galaxy S11 Dangerous Information Blow – jj

Samsung Insider Delivers Galaxy S11 Dangerous Information Blow


Samsung was hotly tipped to do something truly crazy with the Galaxy Note 10, but customers had a lucky escape. Now the Galaxy S11 may not be so lucky. 


Popular, and seemingly always happy, industry insider Ice Universe has revealed that the Galaxy S11 may have an entirely “keyless” design – meaning no physical buttons on the phone of any kind. This was a terrible idea before and I’m struggling to see how it would be any better now.  

While a keyless design would reduce moving parts which increases durability and water resistance, the fact is phones without any buttons have been a disaster. Pressure-sensitive keys have no tactility which makes them hard to use instinctively and the pressure mechanisms – while good for something like 3D Touch (may it rest in peace) – are rubbish for actions which require quick multiple presses like volume control. 

That said, when it comes to keyless tech, it appears Samsung is like a dog with a bone. In June, Ice Universe revealed that Samsung has wanted to launch it on the Galaxy Note 10 and “It was very radical but it did not pass Samsung’s rigorous testing, so the final version of Note10 still retains physical buttons.”

Ben Geskin

Flash forward, however, and it seems Samsung is making progress. And yes, we should really give Samsung the benefit of the doubt at this stage, even if designing an improved chocolate fireguard does not mean it was ever a good idea to build a fireguard out of chocolate. 

Despite this, we do already have a good idea of what the Galaxy S11 will get right. Ice himself, describes it as “a new beginning” thanks to design upgrades, performance increases, next-gen memory, new battery tech and a groundbreaking camera which has a heavy focus on AI

Yes, fears do remain that Samsung might scrap the Galaxy S brand in order to may a confusing new S/Note hybrid but – either way – the company clearly wants to get people talking in 2020. 


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