Speaking Insurance coverage For Ecommerce Sellers Thrifty Enterprise 7.22

What and why should Ecommerce sellers know about insurance?
This weeks guest, Ashlin Hadden has been in the financial/insurance industry for over 15 years and wants all online sellers to be educated in protecting themselves and their inventory. Talking about insurance is neither exciting nor fun, but is necessary for your life, car, family and let’s not forget your business. Ashlin had been working for Liberty and 5 years ago took the leap of faith and went out on her own and has found her place in the e-commerce industry. Although licensed to sell all personal, commercial and life insurance, her real passion is for E-commerce sellers.
We’ve had plenty of guests on the show and in the the Thrifting Board have horror stories of loss and their current insurance not covering all that was lost. Don’t be caught with your pants down so tune in Thursday to find out how to keep your pants on.
And of course there will be tips, tricks, hacks, rum and shenanigans



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